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Group Coaching 2024


Are you a single mother looking to find balance, build confidence, and rediscover your authentic self? Join our supportive and empowering group coaching programme designed specifically for single mothers like you!



To create a supportive space for single mamas to come together and share. This will be a space for healing,  learning and cultivating new skills for managing your unique single mama challenges, plus live 1-1 and group coaching from an experienced certified coach. 


For single mamas to reconnect to their authentic self, to follow their joy and break free from the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been running the show. Life can be more than just surviving. 


My Story


"I walked this pathway in the dark so that I could be the light for others..."

I remember the first year of becoming a single mother. There was so much fear, so much uncertainty. I felt very alone and I desperately wanted to connect with other women that understood exactly what I was going through. In the absence of community I had to learn a lot of tough lessons, and I had to be everything to my son at the same time. I had to be light when I felt dark. It was hard. But now I can see I walked this pathway in the dark so that I could be the light for others.


I created this programme because it's exactly what I needed  back then, and even now, after creating the life I desire, I still want to connect with single mamas like me. Because they just get it like no one else can. 

You are so many things to everyone else, but who you are to yourself matters too. You can return to yourself. You can find her. You can create whatever you believe possible, and I can help you.

Pricing and dates.


$400NZD inc GST


6 X 90 minute sessions over a 12 week period - (one call per fortnight plus online 1-1 coaching support). All coaching calls are virtual. 

Start date

29th July, 2024

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