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My Story


​Hi, I'm Rachael, and I'm a skilled executive leadership, and transformational results coach.​

I know change is scary. 

Back in 2020 everything just kind of fell apart for me. I was thrown deep into the waters of the unknown when my 17-years-strong career in aviation came to an abrupt end. While I tried to make sense of this major loss of identity, I was simultaneously battling, (and failing), to save my relationship with the father of my son. I felt lost and vulnerable, and had no idea what I was going to do. I knew I had a purpose, something bigger than me, but I was scared to explore my own potential. I wanted someone to come and "save me", but deep down I knew no one was coming.

​Fast forward to now, and I have created the life I dreamed of for myself. I have found a new, fulfilling career that has helped me to connect with and fully express my purpose, whilst far exceeding my financial expectations. I am a strong and confident mother. I am secure in my approach to love. But most importantly,  I have stopped fearing the judgement of others, and have learned how to choose from a place of deep alignment with my highest self.

Through the power of reflection, inward exploration, neuroscience and the application of some simple, but highly effective tools, I beat the odds. Better yet, I smashed them. I took all of the broken pieces, and put them back together in a way that felt better than ever. I created myself.

​And I want to help you do the same...​

Whether it's a major life change like mine, or simply finding momentum when you're feeling flat or uninspired, my coaching will be a highly effective way for you to overcome what's getting in the way, and return to your true self.

inner work via bespoke guided visualisation, manifestation techniques, mindset tools and neuroscience backed methods, I will help you to create yourself in a way that feels joyous and abundant. My coaching style is refreshingly different. I will empower you to meet yourself, be yourself, and ultimately love yourself. 

It's never too late to create the life, or self you have been dreaming about. So let's get creating...

With love,


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